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Since my feelings on fandom Twitter have only become firmer since making a fandom account (summary: it is the worst possible community-building platform imaginable at the best of times, and these are not even halfway decent times), I am just going to yoink memes and surveys from there to do on a platform that suits my style. Today's lucky winner is this one.

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I'd been in a bit of a video game lull until a couple weeks ago. I got Ryuu ga Gotoku (aka Yakuza) Kenzan and Ishin for my birthday in December, but my spouse can't understand Japanese to play them himself and wants to watch me. That takes them off the table for my mornings alone before I go to work. I've been playing a little of the FFXII PS4 version, which has fun characters and story but not my favorite of Final Fantasy combat mechanics. Then two things happened: 1 - We bought Graveyard Keeper. 2 - [personal profile] nobrandhero bought Dragon Age Inquisition GOTY on sale for like $5 and is taking toooooooo loooooong to start it because of the Keep, so I don't get to live vicariously through her playthrough. I zoomed through Graveyard Keeper in a couple of weeks, and I'm finally getting back to my Angry Mages Destroy Thedas timeline so I can get a terrible-horrible Inquisitor started.

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I am in EST. I am attempting to watch the whole damn thing live. There appears to be no Japanese TV channel showing anywhere near the entire competition, so I can't use my late-night skating fallback of dozing while listening to commentary (by commentators who don't suck). It's a problem.

General impressions and highlights under the cuts.

Day one: Pairs SP, Ladies SP )

Day two: Pairs FS, Men SP )

Well, I am wide awake now! Time for more coffee, then off to stare blankly at articles all day.
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I swear, I am working on translations daily. I'd really like to have enough new Go Yuri Go content to justify a Tumblr update and let people know there's new stuff to read (making a fandom Twitter has only cemented my loathing for fandom Twitter--you name 'em, I've blocked 'em--so using that account for promo is Not An Option, and indeed my policy is now that I'd prefer people not link or discuss the translation posts on Twitter at all), but this book has been a slog in a way Yuri on Life really wasn't.

You'd think it'd be the opposite, right? After getting my comfort levels with the language back where they ought to be, this should just be sight-reading. It mostly is when I'm capable of working for more than a few sentences at a time! But it is Boring. I loved that Yuri on Life did its character profiles and episode summaries largely in-universe. The same sections of GYG feel bullet point-y and less interesting. That's probably why this book was the main source of the character trivia lists by the absolute angels who translated that info within days. It's much easier to find tidbits at a glance in this format. Now, I think there's still value to doing the full translations. I've appreciated seeing who said the thing and what the context was. Was a certain detail built into the initial character concept, or was it a happy discovery during recording? What did Yamamoto request from the designers and composers, and how did they interpret her ideas? I'm much more invested in hearing behind-the-scenes stories. Unfortunately, finding those moments takes a lot of wading through filler.

Hopefully the work gets more fun when I hit the interviews, but that's going to take a looooong time. The episode spreads are even more chaotic.


Feb. 10th, 2019 10:53 pm
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I didn't take notes at all, so for my reactions to Four Continents, imagine me saying, "Man, that final group, huh?" Just in... very different tones each time.
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Me @ me: So now that you've got this milestone check-in taken care of and your time is largely your own, maybe you could... start writing fic again?

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Trying to get into posting properly on here as a lawful good type means commenting on decade-old LJ icon posts because Those Are The Rules. And then it turns out anon comments are screened. But look at what I found! It's got that late aughts desaturation going on, but I needed her spiral.

I did not watch all the things because busy, so multiple comps are going in one post.

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Euros men (and bits of others) )
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15000-Character Special Dialogue
On a day three months after the final broadcast, Director Yamamoto Sayo and Kubo Mitsurou-san spoke freely about their overflowing love for figure skating and their stories about Yuri!!! on ICE. Please enjoy this precious never-before-seen dialogue.
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First Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab order in a good five years. So many discontinuations and additions, and yet fully 50% of the frimps are already in my collection. Same old BPAL. :) It's wild to smell fresh Scherezade when my bottle is, ummmm... ten??? years old. It's aged beautifully, I have to say, but the spices are warm and mellow, not bright like they are in the imp.

Anyway, holy buckets, Abolish Ice was an excellent early birthday present. It puts me in mind of Miskatonic University (because coffee and wood) and Red Lantern from the Lupercalia LEs (because caramel), but it's subtler than both. And proceeds go to RAICES, so all the better that I'm going to wear it every damn day.

GPF day 2

Dec. 7th, 2018 10:06 pm
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Again, didn't watch juniors very closely. The JGPF often interests me less than the qualifiers, which give a picture of what's happening in global skating that isn't apparent on the senior scene. Haven't got anything to say about the RD. Dance for me this season is like, "Are Piper and Paul there? No? Then I don't care." That probably has as much to do with the Tango Romantica being a damn nightmare as it does with most of my other faves sitting out the GP, going on hiatus, or retiring. Watching everybody get 1s and 2s (and Bs, ffs!) for those stupid key points is exhausting.

Pairs SP )

This segment of GPF liveblogging shenanigans is brought to you by Sun King Brewery of Indianapolis. Specifically, their When the Lights Go Out coffee porter.

Men's FS )
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Jason Brown! Just won Golden Spin! By ten points!

And he wasn't even all that clean, so imagine what he's gonna do when he's flawless.

GPF day 1

Dec. 6th, 2018 10:40 pm
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Okay, missed a lot of the juniors because I was at work and then on my way home, so I only caught pairs and ladies. Watching seniors in one earbud to try and keep up with CritRole at the same time, at least to the break when husband's probably going to tap out.

Men's SP )

Women's SP )

...Women's SPs are starting in like half an hour in Zagreb. 1) Ouch, you poor girls. It is eight in the damn morning there. 2) 37 entries? Ouch, you poor judges.
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